obesity died when man went from 605 lbs to 330 lbs let’s know how?


Pasquale Brocco killed the obesity

Yeah he did it! he killed the obesity want to know how and what’s the full story?

Then you should keep surfing!

Obesity what’s an annoying thing! that’s a lot of people being depressed because of it.

But this man managed to kill the obesity.

His name is Pasquale Brocco and he lost more than 275 lbs of weight you wonder how?

He used to walk To Restaurant Everytime He Was Hungry!

How did this start?

This started 3 years ago when, on visiting his doctor he found that his live was in danger!!!

You want to know how?

He found that he had high cholesterol and high blood pressure putting his life at risk.

Brocco is quoted as saying ‘My stomach was down to my thighs

Brocco was have a great will as he forced himself when being hungry to walk a mile to the nearest restaurant” Walmart” to purchase a meal then return back  home before eating it!!

He did this 3 times per day. He reduced his calorie from 11,200 to approximately 2,000 per day how!!!

Simply Brocco’s daily meal used to consist of a box of cereal, 1/2 gallon whole milk.

1 package peanut butter cups, 1 candy bar, 12-inch meatball.

cheese submarine sandwich, 100 fast food chicken nuggets, 1 fast food apple pie, 1 fast food milkshake, 2 litres soda and doughnuts!


This wasn’t all he done he he go to local gym and started to pump iron.

 Brocco recently underwent surgery to have over 30 pounds of excess skin removed.

Continuing his new lifestyle he recently posted on his Instagram ‘This journey is now a lifestyle. And I have no plans on ending it!

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