Amazon is one of the biggest known company for e-commerce and now it becomes the biggest company in this field in the world.

Amazon owner

His owner Jeff Bezos is now become the richest man in the world and won the competition with Bill Gates the Microsoft owner.

His wealth eual 95 billion dollar but this money not in cash this means it connect to his company Amazon stock.

To get more and more cash he have to sell some of his company stock.

He used to sell stock equals hundred os thousands dollars but in may 2017 he sold stock that equal more than 940 million dollars.
In the passed week particulary in friday he sold stock that equal 1 bllion dollar.
This is a result of increasing his stock value as it increased by 46% in a year.


Unlike other wealthy people he don’t have charity organizations.

It’s thought he save his money to be paid on his newspaper “the Washington Post”
or his company blue orgin for aerospace manufacturer.


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