Apple Imac pro

Apple’s iMac Pro

At Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference 2017, Apple announced the successor to their much debated Mac Pro, the imaginatively named iMac Pro.

The iMac Pro is a workstation-class computer packed into the same shell as a regular 2017 iMac, complete with the built-in 5K display.

The iMac Pro is both much more compact, much more powerful and much cheaper than the outgoing desktop Mac Pro.

It packs an 18 core Intel Xeon processor, and AMD’s brand new Radeon Pro Vega graphics. All these amazing components required a totally new thermal architecture.

Apple Imac pro

4 Thunderbolt 3 ports will be introduced, being able to power multiple high definition displays and huge amounts of external storage at once.

At the launch, Apple claimed that they were responding to many customer requests.

All the specs do look amazing, and the price tag is apparently much better than you would be able to buy a similar PC for.

However, many people were asking for a more upgradeable computer, like the days of the powermac G5. The new iMac Pro is much worse at that than even the outgoing Mac Pro.

Apple are due to release the new iMac Pro in December, and it will start at $4,999.


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