Barcelona T-Shirt will lead you to The prison for 15 years in Saudi Arabia


Yeah Barcelona T-Shirt will do so.

You might wonder if this was true but sure and unfortunately it is and this in the Saudi Arabia.

 Barcelona T-Shirt

In Saudi Arabia and this because of a political conflict between this country And Qatar government who is Have sponsorship deal with Barcelona T-Shirt with Qatar Airways .

This leaded to cruel decisions. This one of them also there another one like Qataris

Couldn’t travel to Saudi Arabia or out of it easily as they prevented from using Saudi Arabia Airways.

Last but not least Some of people  removed Qatar airways’ slogan from T-Shirts.

So as we mentioned above this is true if you was walk away and wearing this T-Shirt in the saudi arabia this can lead you to be imprisoned for 15 years.

Barcelona T-Shirt will lead you to The prison



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