When looking at it for the first time, surely you will think they are a high school student because their faces are still very cute and beatiful .

cute face Xia Da
cute face Xia Da






But, don’t rush directly make them lover or even want to make them your girlfriend, because in fact their face is plain, catchy, and beautiful is already deceptive. Why?

Because they have has given birth three children.

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Reported by Meme Comic, in fact, they are both April Xia Da (36 years) and Shi Zao Z (38 years). April is a very famous manga artist in Japan and China.

Not only very beautiful and cute, she also has a remarkable talent. His work has earned many awards at the 5th Golde Dragon Award held in 2008 in China.

Shi Zao Z








While Shi is the name of the account she owns on the social networking site Weibo. His real name is not yet known,

but the girl is known to be born in 1979 originating from China. His figure is very popular in Weibo because she has a very cute and beautiful face and often look sexy.


You will probably confess that they are patients of lucky plastic surgery. But you are wrong! Apparently they both never do plastic surgery.

Cute faces like teenage girls that they have fully are a gift from God. In fact, the faces of Asian people are more youthful than the western face because it is caused by the structure.


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