Catalonia independence the last news!!

Catalonia independence

Hundreds of thousands are attending a rally for Spanish unity in Barcelona after Catalonia was stripped of its autonomy for declaring independence.

Spain has been gripped by a constitutional crisis since a referendum.
Mr Puigdemont was dismissed as Spain’s central government took control of Catalan institutions.

The Catalan government said that of the 43% of potential voters who took part, 90% were in favour of independence.

The Guardia Urbana, a Catalan municipal police force, said at least 300,000 people had turned out in Barcelona. Organisers and the government in Madrid put the turnout a more than a million people.

Silenced majority

Catalonia’s main opposition party said the region’s “silenced majority” was now speaking.


The atmosphere was peaceful, as police helicopters monitored from above.

Several off-duty police officers who had joined the protest told the BBC they felt there was deep division in their ranks, and were worried what could come next

If their separatist colleagues refused to take orders from Madrid.

Friday saw the regional parliament declare independence, with Madrid responding by declaring the move illegal.


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