Catalonia’s independence Catalonia ’s independence here you will know important informations.

The desire to build a new and better country.citing the time when the whole world not just Catalonia.

was experiencing a profound economic and social crisis.

while many of the region’s citizens turned their backs to the crisis by being very enthusiastic, working hard and building a different.

more democratic and prosperous state.Catalonia aspires to become the Netherlands or Denmark in southern Europe.
in the sense of a small country but has strong trade ties with the rest of the world.

CataloniaThe desire to strengthen Catalan in all areas of society, to restore the place it deserves among the rich and diverse languages of Europe.

Recognition of the people of the province as Catalan, not Spanish, especially with the growing sense of belonging to Spain.

the Territory has its own flag, which represents the culture of its population and values and residents want to hear their national anthem.

The economic situation improves. The people of the region say they have the right and the will to manage Catalan resources according to the needs of society

and to use them in a rational and sustainable manner.The need to strengthen Catalan culture.

CataloniaCatalons also demand the recognition of Catalan culture as an independent culture.

Also the elimination of the domination of Spanish culture on Catalan culture.

and to give the people the opportunity to spread their culture and inherited heritage.

Apart from Spain.Catalans say this will improve the country’s infrastructure and develop state enterprises such as airports, ports, and roads.

The sports side has a stake, as Catalonia wants to participate in sports competitions with its own team, as the Spanish government prohibits it.

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