catalonia’s president of parliament Carme Forcadell have to pay 174,000 USD
Or she will imprisoned to 30 years.

The investigating judge in the Spanish Supreme Court decided To

Release on bail the head of the dissolved Catalan parliament, Carmi Vorkadil,

Accused of rebellion and disobedience on the background of the referendum on secession.

The 58-year-old Forkadil is suspected of involvement in work related to the secession of Catalonia.

A High Court spokesman said she would be jailed if she did not pay bail immediately,

And that the charges against Vercadell in Spanish law amounted to 30 years in prison.

In a statement, the Supreme Court said in a statement that the five deputies,

Who also appeared before the court on Thursday against the background of the referendum, have been released, four of whom will pay a bail of 25 thousand euros.

All have to hand over their passports and will not be able to leave Spain.

The Supreme Court considers the case because the six persons enjoyed parliamentary immunity at the time of the charges against them. In early October,

The Catalan province held a referendum on secession from Madrid, a move rejected by the central government, which it saw as illegal.

Against this backdrop, the Madrid government responded to the announcement of the secession of Catalonia at the end of last month by activating Article 155 of the

Constitution,which provides for the suspension of self-rule.

This procedure resulted in the dissolution of the Catalan Parliament and the dismissal of its Government,

and the institutions of governance in the Territory were legally degraded and controlled by the central Government.

The Catalans are to elect their new regional government in early elections on December 21 after the dissolution of parliament and local government by Madrid.


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