Died but still his brain work “a study” prove how this can be trueDied studies










Of course there are a lot of questions running on our mind abut what will happen after we died?.

And how this people who have died come back to life?

Did they was conscious to the sights and sounds around them?

For obvious reasons, death and what happens after we die is largely a mystery to those of us still alive

scientists have discovered that your brain may continue to work after death.

A study made by Dr. Sam Parnia and his team prove that you may be aware that you’ve died as

Your consciousness will still alive .

So really you can hear your doctors during announcing that you died and you can remember when your loved once was crying when doctors announced that.

Dr Sam Parnia said our time of death is based on the moment when the heart stops.

So you will die when your heart stopped as the blood won’t circulate to your brain.

Then You lose all your brain stem reflexes ,your gag reflex, your pupil reflex, all that is gone.

In this case how does the brain continue to function?

Back in 2013. researchers at the University of Michigan provided evidence that suggests that there is a sudden burst of brain energy as we’re taking our last breaths.


Although this study exists  we won’t actually sure about what we’re going to see or hear when this will happen.









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