Loyal Akita Waits Outside The Hospital Where Her Owner Is Admitted For Six Days

We all know about Hachiko, if you haven’t heard about him, then we would like to know which rock were you living under this whole time? Dogs are known for their loyalty, but Akitas have somehow shown that they are the breed to contend with when it comes to this attribute.

In Alicante, Spain, the 22-year old Sandra Iniesta was rushed to the hospital due to extreme abdominal pain.

It turns out she will need to have surgery to have her appendix removed. When Sandra’s parents brought her there, their dog, Maya came along for the ride but stayed behind until Sandra was discharged.

dog loyalty

To be more precise, this incredible feat being famously displayed by Akitas does not rely on loyalty alone. But rather, it is a combination of loyalty and discipline. Your dog may be loyal, but if they don’t have the discipline, they won’t have the focus that Maya or Hachiko have displayed.

When it was time to go home, Sandra’ parents were surprised as Maya wouldn’t budge. They tried tricking her into hopping into the car with doggie treats, but they failed miserably. They decided that she will be fine in the lobby of Elda General Hospital, as long as she gets the food and water that she needs.

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