This{Dog}Won’t leave mom’s Pregnant alone.Then They Found out why…

Any pet owner will tell you our furry little buddies can pick up on things humans can’t. They have an incredible sixth sense that allows them to detect certain energies and subtle emotions that seem to elude our five senses.

When an English woman named Alhanna Butler found out she was pregnant, she and her fiancé were both ecstatic—but she couldn’t say the same for the couple’s dog.

Their Akita Inu began acting strange; she would poke and whine at Alhanna’s belly for hours at a time. At first, Alhanna ignored the pup’s strange behavior—until she realized the reason behind it…

Pets seem to have an innate sixth sense that helps them pick up on subtle energies—and dangers—that we can’t. Alhanna Butler and her fiancé, Ricky, of South Yorkshire, England, learned this firsthand with their Akita Inu dog, Keola.

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