This{Dog}Won’t leave mom’s Pregnant alone.Then They Found out why…

At first, Alhanna and Ricky were both a little nervous about letting Keola spend so much time around Lincoln. They monitored the pair, but the pup soon proved that she was more than fit to keep a watchful eye on her little friend.

Amazingly, Lincoln wasn’t frightened at all by Keola. He was able to fall asleep easily whenever she was around, and she loved to give him kisses when he was snoozing. She treated him like he was her own puppy!

Now, Keola and Lincoln love going for walks around their neighborhood with Alhanna and Ricky. As soon as Keola sees Alhanna dressing Lincoln up, she jumps around with excitement because she knows it’s playtime!
Keola even hangs out with Lincoln while he plays in his pajamas. Most dogs don’t have the patience for this kind of thing, but check out this photogenic pooch! She was more than happy to pose with her best buddy.

Keola and Lincoln are truly an inseparable pair, and Alhanna and Ricky are thrilled that they took to each other so quickly. Just look at that grin! There’s no place in the world Lincoln would rather be than sitting next to his four-legged friend.Alhanna and Ricky have a great life together in South Yorkshire. They have plenty of friends, and now that Lincoln’s in their world, they’re able to bring him along to all of their social events. Their neighbors love his company, too!Alhanna thinks about her close call with death nearly every day. She can’t believe that Keola’s intuition was correct. Had she believed the initial doctor, she wouldn’t have survived. Keola is truly the cornerstone of this beautiful family, and she’ll always be cherished for it!
This goes to show you that if your animal is acting weird, you can’t always ignore it. Alhanna is sure happy she didn’t!
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