This Dog Looks Kind Of Guilty But When I Found Out The Truth I Couldn’t Stop Smiling

So Gnarly the dog is looking pretty darn guilty right now when his owner asked if he made the mess in the bedroom.

The mess on the floor is a bunch of tissue all chewed up. Now the rest of the mess I don’t think the dog made…pretty gross if you ask me but lets focus on the dogs… and yes I just said dogs.

You see Gnarly gives this innocent look like “Who me?  I didn’t do anything.”

And then we learn the truth!

I laughed so hard at this! Poor Kasey literally got caught red-handed or should we say red- ________? She was trying to get the last tissue in the box and well you can see in the video on the next page!

Ahh, sometimes you get away with your naughty acts… and sometimes you don’t, and this was one of those times!

But I sure am glad it was caught on video… because this just made my day!

See the video on the next page and see what Kasey did…

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