10 Stories That Prove Dogs Are Too Good For This World

FACT: Dogs are too pure for this world. And to prove this, we asked real people to tell us about the pups that changed their lives. “grabs tissues”

1. Getty

“My mom moved to California in 2016 because both my brother and I lived in Los Angeles, but when she arrived in LA, she found the transition to be a bit lonely.

My mom went to a rescue organization in Los Angeles and found Getty, a dachshund-chihuahua mix.

He became her immediate companion and went everywhere with her. He even became a model for a custom dog-harness business she started.

The two of them trained to have Getty run in the dachshund races in Huntington Beach. The picture of Getty above is after he lost a race, but you can’t tell because that dog is ALL SMILES ALL THE TIME.

I can tell that Getty’s companionship meant a great deal to my mom during this difficult transition.”

Bryan B.

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