Donald Trump in a conference with the president of south koria:-

Donald Trump said “USA is ready for any threat to defence about itself and our allies”

He continued and invited China and Russia to work together to end the nuclear project
of Kim Jong-un.

He keep talking “We have three US aircraft carriers and a nuclear submarine
near the north of korea and i hope we don’t need to use them.

Donald Trump and Moon the president of south korea









Donald Trump promised to get rid of any threat caused by this dictator as he said.

You should see this topic:

"political crisis between Us and north korea reaches its max"

Who threaten a million lives of innocent people.Trump said that Pyongyang which made before The sixth nuclear test it threaten all the world.

So all the world should be united and stop this danger.

Trump had visited the american and north korian armies during being ready for any possible aggression.

He also said in tokyo that “Strategic patience” with north korea has been ended now.

Moon the President of South Korea also said that he and trump were agreed to be united to try to solve this with peace.

And he asked Kim Jong-un to stop his threats for US and he promised him then a bright future.


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