Marketing:How to get cpe 0.0005 USD with facebook marketing?


If you’re working in the digital marketing field.If you was a digital marketer or a digital agency.You might ask yourself.

How to advertise on facebook? What’s the best marketing strategies? What do people in marketing do? What are the 5 marketing concepts? What is marketing concept ?

To achieve the best result ever you got with the lowest cost!

You might search for digital marketing course .

To learn the best online advertising strategies .You might search a lot but you never find what meet with your goals.

Even you will have a doubt in our post title!.

But this is the result image!

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Notice: It’s 0.01 Egyptian pound and equal 0.00058 USD.

And these are all the engagements

marketing campaign

All these results achieved with 7 USD only!!

It’s really unbelievable ,Isn’t it?!

So you now make sure that is true by 100% and i will guide you step by step to achieve that for free! So follow these steps to go through that success process.

But first let me telling you more about myself 🙂 .

My name is Eslam Samy Badr

A google ads,analytics certified from google and have

More than 14 certificates in digital marketing, facebook ads, google ads from google,facebook,udemy.

With big experience in setting up, managing , optimizing the different digital marketing campaigns I will guide you guys to achieve that result so open your mind and read that carefully.

Allow me first to answer some questions that people have been asking.

What is digital marketing? What is marketing and example? What is the basic meaning of marketing?

Digital Marketing are the different platforms that help you deliver your business to your related audience.Your business might be a service or product or even just an idea.

These different platforms could be organic or paid.

digital marketing examples

Organic platforms like google search, youtube , social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, reddit, linkedin..etc plus email marketing.

Paid platforms : Google Ads- bing ads- and each of these social media can be a paid platform with online advertising.

how to advertise on facebook? facebook marketing 2018

It’s easy to advertise on facebook but it’s a really difficult to achieve your goals with the lowest costs.And the answer of that question is depending on your business objectives.

facebook marketing for small business !

Facebook marketing is suitable for all types and sizes of companies.

There’re a lots of objectives to be achieved with facebook

Getting leads, conversions , engagements, website traffic..etc

Today we will discuss the engagement one.

So How to get cost per engagement 0.0005 USD with facebook marketing?

what is digital marketing strategy ?

Follow these images steps:-

1-Great a new campaign:-

marketing strategies

What’s your marketing objective?

Choose engagements.

And the type of engagement is Post engagement.

Then enter the daily budget between 4-5 USD

So you can test your facebook campaign in 3 days.Despite that you can still know if your ad will be successful or won’t be in the first hours after your ad being approved.

I got my 0.0005 cost per engagement in the first 2 hours after my ad being approved.

Notice : tests are the most important element to be successful and to get that result.

You might not get it from the first campaign.It will depend on different elements specially the ” Viral video” which will be discussed soon.


2-Audience : One of the most things is the right target of audience.

It will depend on your area, your post language.The best audience will be to exclude United states,united kingdom,Canada, Australia So don’t target this expensive countries.

marketing definition

-Target audience that are female and between 13-24.

Youth people are better in engagements but that still can be different depend on your type of “viral video”.

For the best results.Female are full of felling so they can engage better than man with your posts.

In languages : if your post is in English set it to English”all”

Or English”Us” and English”UK”.

-In detailed targeting we will pick the interests of love.

You might ask why?

The answer is so simple that because this audience are full of feelings

So they can mostly interact with the different emotions through facebook.

And that will take part in decreasing the cost per engagement.Also the different digital marketers and marketing agencies don’t target these audience in the most cases.So there isn’t that much auction which your ad will compete with and pay more!

See this picture.It’s full of engagements and emotions .These results are 90% paid and 10% organic and even this 10% organic it came from shares from that paid one so it’s 100% from facebook campaign.

digital marketing


3- Placements: keep that settings as default it should be “automatic placements”


-Optimization for ad delivery : post engagements.So you only pay for CPE

Not for CPE+CPM(cost per thousands impressions)

That will reduce the total costs.

“Next is using a viral video”  


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