Kim Jong-un send a message to Russia:-

In the last days the risen crisis between Donald Trump the president of United States of

America and Kim Jong-un the president of north korea.

There was a lot of threats between them.The young president Kim threats Trump that he will attack USA with nuclear rockets. And trump told many times that he will defend on USA

and his aliens.And the world should unit to get rid of this threats.

“We should stop the north korea’s  nuclear project” trump said.

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Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is expected to meet each other

Today a Russian reference said that The Russian president Vladimir Putin has received

A message from Kim he said “I’m ready to hit America with my nuclear rockets”

The reference said also he told USA’s administration about this message, He said the

Korean delegation send this message to Valentina Matviyenko.

Valentina-Matviyenko and Kim Jong-un message
Valentina Ivanovna Matviyenko, is a Russian politician who was Governor of Saint Petersburg from 2003 to 2011, and has served as Chairwoman of the Federation Council since 2011

It’s good to mention that the American president have now a Asian tour for a week in china, japan , south korea and it included  one of the most important issues to be discussed that is the nuclear crisis.

Do the today’s tweet of the Trump’s twitter account and his try to be a friend to Kim is true? if you didn’t see it read it now Donald Trump says Kim Jong-un “Short and fat” and would be my friend

Do this is the reason ? comment and tell us your opinions!



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