15 Makeup Tips All Older Women Should Know


15. Go Lighter

Wearing black liquid liner, or having a bolder brown might be what you’re used to, but it might be time you make some changes in your makeup routine. If you’ve noticed looking more and more tired lately, consider going for lighter liners. This tip is particularly suited for those of us who are nearing 40 or above and is struggling to properly apply liner to the changing landscape of our eyes.

Gel or cream eyeliners are your best choice, and have a fine-tipped brush handy for application. A medium shade of brown won’t be as unforgiving as jet black, and it will also give you a fresher, cleaner, and younger look. The formula is also good because it won’t tug like pencil or skip like liquid. The softer formula will open your eyes up and make you look more awake.

For brows, try going one shade lighter. If you’re blonde or silver, you can go one shade darker than your hair, but not any more than that.




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