15 Makeup Tips All Older Women Should Know


1. No Eyeliner? Mascara to the Rescue!

Your pencil has been worn down to nothing; the pot of gel mascara is scrapping bottom; and the liquid liner has totally dried up. Or maybe you’re traveling and forgot to pack your eyeliner; oh, the tragedy!

Best Eyeliner Tips and tricksThis is how you save the day: work your mascara spoolie deep into the tube to get a nice blob of mascara. Then transfer that onto a clean, hard surface (your fingernail is ideal in a pinch); dab the edge of a fine-pointed brush in it and paint a very thin line along the lashes (a thick one may not apply very evenly). This method is safe for your eyes and will ensure that your mascara stays on for a long time as well! Tags: how to do your eyeliner step by stephow to get eyeliner out of carpet – can you wear eyeliner with eyelash extensions – how to remove waterproof eyeliner without makeup remover – mascara.


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