the missing couple's bodies

Missing couple is 20-year-old Rachel Nguyen and 21-year-old Joseph Orbeso  was missed in a hiking trip in strange situations.the missing couple's bodies

That was in the park on July 28th.

They have been found this week at the Joshua Tree National Park in California, USA “locked in embrace”.

It’s thought that they was a couple.

The Missing couple’s was reported missing after they checkout airbnb.

The airbnb is known for his amazing landscapes. they were renting close to the National Park.

A friend of them Austin Young said“he was in very good shape”and a a survivalist but weather conditions are known to become very extreme in this area.the missing couple's

Other friends said “the Missing couple was adept at hiking and outdoors activities”.


According to Mr Orbeso he said “the missing couples was locked in embrace”.

 That means they had supported each other until the end.

George Land, a spokesman for Joshua Tree National Park said.

-The tracks that were found indicated Rachel and Joshua were indeed lost.


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