Mohamed salah achieved a prophecy that mohamed Aboutrika told him he’s a great sports stroy you will listen to now!

mohamed salahFirst you should know more about Mohamed Aboutrika!

mohamed aboutrika

Egypt’s national football team’s Mohamed Aboutrika controls the ball during a training session in Cairo on November 17, 2013.

ahead of a return leg of a final World Cup play-off against Ghana.

Mohamed Aboutrika as known is not only an Egyptian great footballer but also one of the greatest footballers in Africa and Arab world.

He is known as hearts’ owner and for his great morals.

He was playing in Al Ahly Sporting Club which is an Egyptian sports club and one of the best clubs in Africa.

Mohamed Aboutrika with Al Ahly SCHe is representing Egypt and Africa in a lot of occasions. He played

With world team vs Kuwait team and also with Africa team against world team and in the match of ronaldo’s friends vs zidan’s friends.

Now let’s speak about his prophecy to Mohamed salah!!

After Egyptian football team had lost to Ghana football team

In the World Cup qualifiers and lost his hope to reach the World cup in 2014 where located in brazil.

mohamed salah and mohamed aboutrikaAs it obvious in this picture Mohamed salah was very sad as all

Of Egyptian football team. Then AbouTrika was comforting him and told him “don’t be sad your feet will let Egypt reaching the world cup ”



And  Mohamed salah the Liverpool footballer finally leaded his Egyptian football team to the world cup 2018 in Russia after almost 28 years of absence.


“Mohammed salah during scoring the first goal in Kongu in the World Cup qualifiers.”

“Mohammed salah during playing the penalty  to scored his second goal in kongu in the last minute .”

“Mohammed salah during celebrating after leading his national football team to the world cup in russia 2017”






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