1-Mohamed salah scored his first goal in the champions league:-

Mohamed salah scored his first goal in the champions league in Hoffenheim.

Mohamed salah scored in Hoffenheim


He chased the ball after The ball hit the crossbar and scored his first goal.

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2-Mohamed salah goals in Maribor’s homeland:-

Mohamed salah scored in Maribor 2 goals

Salah scored his first 2 goals in the champion league in Maribor outside LiverPool’s home land.

Mohamed salah scored his second goal in Maribor

Salah scored with an assist from Roberto Firmino After he made perfect assist
to Firmino.

He also scored his second goal in the same match with an assist by Alberto Moreno.

3-Salah goals in Maribor “1st nov”

In the returning match The egyptian player salah scored an amazing golas with an assist with Arnold.

Mohamed salah


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