New leaks indicate that high-level officials in the administration of US President Donald Trump

and close associates of Russia are linked to suspicious financial ties, according to the US DailyPast website.

These leaks includes 15 million documents was released by a German newspaper called Süddeutsche Zeitung.


According to the newspaper, the documents show that a number of wealthy officials in the management of Trump.

To deposit their money in legal ways in the accounts outside the United States to make them free from US taxes.

The documents say US Commerce Secretary billionaire Wilbur Ross has ties with a Russian energy company,

part of which is owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s brother-in-law,

which Ross concealed during a Senate hearing on his appointment as trade minister.
Sen. Richard Blumen, a member of the Senate, considered this a misrepresentation of the Council and the American people.

The Documents proved that the russain businessman Yuri Milner has sent a lot of money to a company of Jared Kushner His daughter’s husband.

Kouchner had denied to a Senate committee that he would rely on Russian investments to fund his business ventures.

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