Left-wing activists demonstrated in the Philippine capital on Friday to protest the visit of US President Donald Trump,

who is scheduled to attend a summit of Southeast Asian leaders in Manila within days.

Donlad trump

Protesters tried to gather in front of the US Embassy compound in Manila, but riot police stopped them before arriving at the embassy complex.

Activists chanted slogans against the United States and carried banners with messages such as “Prevent Trump,” “Untrusted Trump,” and “Resist the American Imperialist War.”

The protesters vowed to hold further protests against Tramp, who is due to arrive in Manila on Sunday for the summit of leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
“The only welcome welcome is to protest and condemn,” Karabatan said.

Trump is scheduled to meet Philippine President Rodrigo Duterti on the sidelines of the ASEAN summit. US lawmakers have called on Trump to raise the issue of human rights abuses in the Philippines during his meeting with Duterti.

Douterti has been widely criticized for a wave of killings related to his campaign against banned drugs, which has killed thousands.

For his part, the Philippine president said he would ask Trump to “stop and not speak” if he raised the issue of human rights when they meet.


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