police caught a Wanted man with 1000 shares on facebook


Believe or not!!

After losing his Facebook bet with police.

Michael Zaydel a wanted man turn himself in to the police as he had promised to do that. police


If they managed to get 1000 shares on a facebook post demands to turn himself in to the police.

He even promised to bring Redford Township Police Department (RTPD) officers a dozen doughnuts.

 if they were victorious in the challenge.

The department said he didn’t turn himself in to the RTPD to keep his promise.

But they thought he became afraid after a lot of people being now know about him.









They also said Zaydel made good on his promise to turn himself in to RTPD for his outstanding warrants.

He didn’t only bring dozen doughnuts but he brought one bag.

The RTPD said they would again want to express their gratitude.

 for the support of all followers who shared the post,and left them positive feedback.

Zaydel was sentenced to 39 days in jail after pleading guilty to breaking the terms of his probation.






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