political crisis

political crisis in the past few days the world has been

followed it Between united states and north korea.

That’s after Kim Jong-un threats to the united states.


The deputy secretary of state “John Sullivan” said the State Department remained focused on quelling tensions with North Korea.political crisis between Us and north korea

They try to improve the situations through diplomatic channels.They do all the possible efforts for quelling tensions .

But not only the US nation must be ready if those efforts has failed but all the world should.

He also said we should try our best with our allies in Japan and south korea Towards this political crisis.

A North Korean official said “north korea is no longer interested in diplomacy until she have the enough resources”

And the enough abilities to build a long range “ICBM” capable of hitting the East coast of the United States. political crisis

So this will be a clear message that we want to sent to trump administration.

The north korea has a reliable defensive and offensive capability to counter any aggression from the United States.

Sullivan’s remarks was after a metting with the Japanese counterpart.They was discussing this rising tensions in the region.

They are scheduled to travel to South Korea to continue those discussions this week. the U.S. and South Korea hold joint naval drills .

while escalating its rhetoric against US  North korea said ;-

“telling the United Nations member states in a statement to not join any US military efforts against North Korea if they wish to remain safe from violent retaliation. ”

In this passed days Secretary of State John Tillerson said that

“ he intends to continue diplomatic efforts with North Korea until the first bomb drops”. 

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