‘ Questioning one  of Trump’s campaign managers ‘

US sources said that the Special Adviser Robert Mueller questioned Sam Clovis  a President Donald Trump’s election campaign managers, in the framework of the extended

investigations on Russia’s intervention in the presidential election late last year.

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Sam Clovis and trump
Reuters quoted the sources as saying that Clovis’s interrogation was aimed at determining whether Trump or his top aides were aware of the size of contacts the campaign team in Moscow.

This comes after a period of disclosure of criminal charges to three former Trump campaign officials.

Clovis testified in October before a jury in Muller’s investigation and is also working with the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating the cases.

Secrets about trump’s sons

Trump denies any complicity between his campaign team and the Russians to sway his rival Democrat Hillary Clinton in the November 2016 election.

Moscow denies any interference on its part to Trump and describes the allegations as fabricated.

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Over the past months, contacts between Kremlin and Russian officials before the presidential elections have been revealed, causing several members of the current Republican administration to resign.sd


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