The Red Cross has confirmed that more than $5m of aid money was lost to fraud during the Ebola epidemic.

Auditors  found a lot of defrauding for example overpriced supplies, salaries for non-existent aid workers and fake customs bills.

The disease claimed at least 10,000 lives in a 2  years only.

Red Cross









So the Red Cross i was need for a hundred of millions of dollars to bring it under control.

As Ebola spread across Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Their Federation in Geneva was dispersing cash donations to the national Red Cross societies in each of those countries.

They collected around 100 millions dollars.

An investigation by Red Cross auditors has revealed that in Liberia $2.7m disappeared in fraudulently as we clarified above.

In Sierra Leone where investigations are ongoing, around $1m disappeared in fake customs bills.

The organisation adds that it has introduced stricter financial rules, and promised to hold any from her staff involved to account.



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