Santi Cazorla he is an arsenal player

the doctor told him that if he walked again he should be happy.

Arsenal player Santi Cazorla injury

He is a 32 years old and a Spain international player.

Last time that he played was in October 2016 and had ankle surgery two months later.

The Midfielder Cazorla suffered a lot and Despite eight operations, the wound did not heal and became infected.

His infection had “eaten” the Achilles tendon on his right leg, adding: “There was eight centimetres of it missing.”

Despite several successful antibiotic treatments, there were fears the former Villarreal and Malaga player could lose his leg because of a blood infection.

The last operation was a reconstruction of the Achilles tendon on 29 May.

The Arsenal player said that he has since been on an intense rehabilitation programme. He also said he expects to return back and play soon.

He says he receives messages almost every day from compatriots Andres Iniesta, David Silva and David Villa.

Arsenal player Santi Cazorla a post on instagram

Cazorla who has won the European Championship twice and two FA Cups said this message “Everything that I have gone through has not been as simple an injury as people have believed”.

“They [the doctors] told me, if you get to walk again with your son in the garden, be satisfied.”

Cazorla’s injury problems started when he suffered a bone fissure in an international friendly against Chile in September 2013, and he became accustomed to playing with pain in his right foot.

He had knee surgery in December 2015, before surgery on a tendon injury in the plantar area a year later.





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