Trump got a new slap

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrat Ralph Northam was elected governor of Virginia after a crushing defeat to Republican rival Ed Gillespie.

Trump and Ralph Northam

backed by President Donald Trump and Republicans lost the election to New York mayor and New Jersey governor.

According to preliminary results from major US television networks, Democrat Northam won 51.8 percent of the vote in Virginia.

The Virginia elections are of national importance because this state is one of the swing states whose vote is crucial in the presidential election.

The Virginia campaign also featured a Republican Party test and Donald Trump’s way of managing his election and political battles.

especially as the Republican candidate has adopted a strategy of using the populist issues.

Although Gillespay did not play Trump personally, many of his election announcements that sparked debate on race.

arms and irregular immigration were seen as an indication of a clear bias toward the president.

Virginia Gov. Terry McEliffe, the Democratic governor of Virginia, described the Republican candidate as “Donald Trump with doping.”

The strong opossed to trump

Blazio won a second four-year term in Tuesday’s election.

De Plazio, who was a fierce opponent of President Donald Trump.

won an easy victory over his Republican rival Nicole Maliotakis with about 65 percent of the vote, preliminary results said.

Only 33 percent of voters in New York City, while he is married to an African American and is particularly popular among blacks.

In New Jersey, Democratic candidate Phil Murphy won an easy victory over the Republican governor of the country.

The birth of Chris Christie, who was a longtime ally of Trump before the latter abandoned him




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