Vitamin C

Vitamin C or also called Ascorbic Acid or L-Ascorbique.


Vitamin C

It’s a water soluble vitamin.It’s an Antioxidant.It can’t be synthesized into the body.
It so vital to our body and enhances  our immunity.
It’s an anticancer agent.It takes part in forming glycogen.
Glycogen which is very important for our skin and very essential for balancing our blood pressure.
Also it decreases heart attacks.


Now let’s speak about vitamin C nutritional disorders:-

What does this mean?

It’s the negative symptoms that happened due to bad nutrition.

Scurvy” is a state of dietary deficiency of vitamin C.

This means Vitamin C is very important to our health .

Signs and symptoms: include fatigue, malaise, anemia, myalgia, bone pain.

 easy bruising, swelling, petechiae, gingivitis, perifollicular hemorrhages, corkscrew hairs, and poor wound healing.

Vitamin C

Sources: –Citrus like Lemon-orange-Tangerine-grapefruit.

Tomatoes, potatoes, pepper, broccoli and cabbage.

– guava, Mango and kiwi are very rich in it.

As we mentioned before,

Vitamin C is so important to our health and to maximize benefits of that vitamin.

You need to know your daily needs. Today we will tell you about different Dose.

1-Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)

It’s the daily dose that enough to almost people 96-97 %.

For adults. Men is 90 Milli Grams per day and women is 75 Milli Grams per day.

2-The Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL)

It’s the maximum dose you can take or if you took more there will be problems.

for adults is 2 gram per day for both man and women.


But for Smokers and others who have some diseases like Kidney failure.

They have to go to the doctor who will tell them the right dose for them.


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